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    Work Accidents on Construction Sites

    It is unfortunate but there a lot of compensation claims made for work accidents.

    In the region of 2.2 million people are employed in Britain’s major industry, the construction business.

    Even though the United Kingdom has quite a low rate of accidents compared to the rest of the European Union, accidents at work still happen far too frequently.

    These incidents have resulted in over 2,800 fatalities over the last twenty five years along with many more people suffering from serious injury and industrial diseases.

    In general terms, a construction accident can be any form of industrial accident that takes place on a building site.

    The most common incidents are scaffolding related or connected to falls from height of either personnel or materials.

    Work accidents involving power tools, cement mixers, equipment used for lifting gear, for example forklifts and cranes, and all manner of other faulty pieces of equipment regularly occur on construction or building sites.

    Of course, it is not only the people working on the construction sites who are at risk of sustaining serious personal injury.

    Folk who are simply passing by the site may also be unfortunate enough to be injured when an accident occurs.

    Either way, both the employee and the passer-by are entitled to make a compensation claim under different laws for any injuries they may have received.

    The employer is responsible for following health and safety regulations, making sure there is adequate accident insurance in place, as well as making certain that workers receive the necessary training and/or supervision when using equipment.

    So, what should you do if you are the victim of work accidents?

    The initial step, following the administration of first aid or other medical treatment, is to inform your line manager or supervisor. Precise details of the accident should be entered in the accident book and this information will be used to form the basis of your compensation claim.

    You should also keep a written record of every other piece of evidence you can gather together to prove that the employer is responsible for the accident.

    You should also look at whether there any witnesses to what happened? And has this type of accident happened before at your place of work?

    You will likely need the services of a solicitor who specialises in this kind of work to make the claim for compensation on your behalf. How To Claim Compensation can help you with this. Just submit the details of your case and one of our experts will send you a personal response detailing the steps you need to take. We provide this information confidentially, completely free and without obligation. We will advise you how much you should claim for and what chances your claim has of being successful.

    The money awarded for a compensation claim is not only for the injuries incurred from the accident, but also for any loss of current and future earnings due to incapacity, any trauma caused and any damage to your personal property at the time of the accident.

    Claims of this kind more often than not add up to quite substantial amounts of money.

    Most solicitors’ can provide a no win no fee service, avoiding further financial strain being put on you at this already costly time.

    You may, at first, be reluctant to claim against your employer, fearing repercussions following your claim, but if you are certain the accident could have been avoided had proper safety measures been in place, you should certainly proceed, and to make every effort you possibly can to ensure this kind of accident at work does not happen again.

    You do, after all, also have a responsibility to those persons who you work alongside regarding their safety too.

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