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    Holiday Compensation Claims

    Making holiday compensation claims against travel companies can be stressful and very emotional.

    After all, the annual holiday is the highlight of most people’s year.

    People are prepared to spend small fortunes soaking up the sun in the world’s holiday spots along with family and friends, while enjoying a level of luxury not usually found at home.

    However, sadly sometimes holidays go badly wrong.

    There is nothing worse than spending thousands of pounds on holiday only to find that the hotel was poor and the service substandard.

    Other problems surrounding the holiday from hell may include double-booked flights, food poisoning and injury caused by poor facilities. In such circumstances as well being angry, the disappointed holiday maker deserves compensation.

    Common types of holiday compensation claims

    •  Food poisoning from the hotel
    •  Illness resulting from poor standards of hygiene in your hotel
    •  Sports accidents on holiday- including skiing and water sports
    •  Slip or trip injuries from wet flooring
    •  An accident on a day trip

    Claiming Holiday Compensation – what to do first

    Before making a compensation claim for a ruined holiday , you are going to need to start to gather evidence and information to prove your case.

    • If possible the holiday operator or hotelier should be informed of the concerns. The holidaymaker should make a log of these complaints as they will be useful when making a claim.
    • When gathering evidence the holidaymaker should take videos and photographs of the offending issues – such as substandard or dangerous accommodation – and make note of them.
    • It is also important to keep things simple. Note only the major issues of concern and try and gauge how they are in breach of the booking conditions.

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