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    Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

    medical_negligenceMedical Negligence – what is it?

    Medical negligence [also described as clinical negligence] occurs when a doctor or other medical professional fails to carry out the duties expected of them – which failure then results in injury to the patient.

    To show that a medical error has taken place, your solicitor will have to prove that the standard of medical care the professional provided on this occasion was unacceptable – and that it  caused further health issues.

    A good example of this type of professional negligence  is when a patient with bowel problems visits his General Practitioner, is not referred to a specialist, and it is later discovered that he or she is suffering from cancer.

    Claiming medical negligence compensation will be possible if it can be proved that a deterioration of the condition could have been avoided or a full recovery made, had the patient been referred to a specialist for treatment at an earlier time.

    To make sure your claim for compensation stands a good chance of success, there are a few questions you should ask.

    • Did you get medical treatment from a qualified medical professional’s supervision which resulted in injury?

    • Was a failure to meet an acceptable level of care shown by the medical professional? Was a wrong diagnosis made or inappropriate treatment prescribed or given?

    • Can you get an expert report confirming that the treatment you received was either incorrect, or directly caused your injury?

    • When claiming compensation can you prove the amount of damages you are seeking by way of physical injury, loss of earnings and so on?

    If after answering these questions you feel you have been the victim of medical negligence, then the next step is to get in touch with us by using the question box above, or by calling us now on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 – so we can provide you with our medical negligence claims expertise.

    Your medical negligence claim – don’t delay

    It is essential that you get specialist legal advice as soon as possible due to the difficulties associated with establishing a compensation claim for such negligence and causation.In particular, if you don’t make a claim within three years, you could lose out your right to claim compensation entirely.

    Claiming medical compensation – how we can help

    We can advise you as to whether or not you have a strong case and if so, how much compensation you should claim for. For this reason it is important that you are truthful with the details so we know exactly what happened to you.  In particular, our team offer;

    • FREE initial advice over the phone or by email
    • A FREE first appointment
    • Home or hospital visits if you’re unable to travel
    • A no win no fee agreement to run your claim – so you don’t need to worry about paying our legal costs

    In many cases, just like private enterprises, the NHS has to pay compensation for claims being made.

    The difference, of course, between the NHS and employers paying out for claims of compensation is that the NHS funds their own insurance whereas employers take out accident insurance to cover them for such expenses.

    As well as compensation being awarded, action may be taken against the health professional responsible for your claim of medical negligence which may result in disciplinary action, or in the case of instances of repeat negligence being shown, the loss of their job.

    Although you may not want to feel responsible for someone losing their job, the doctor or other medical professional who regularly misdiagnoses or fails to treat in the right way should be prevented from continuing to make such mistakes.

    Claiming compensation from the NHS is not always easy. However if you have been the victim of NHS  medical negligence, you have a legal right to sue for compensation.

    Want To Know How To Claim Medical Negligence Compensation? Call our specialists now

    Please be aware that time limitation periods apply to all types of medical compensation claims, and it is often easier investigating your claim if you take early legal advice, while what has happened to you is still fresh in your mind.

    For FREE initial phone advice, and a FREE 1st appointment from expert Solicitors on how to claim medical compensation;

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