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    Claiming Raynaud’s Disease Compensation

    Solicitors Specialising in Raynaud’s Disease Compensation Claims

    Unfortunately for British workers, having to claim Raynaud’s Disease compensation is becoming more and more common.

    It is now estimated that around 5 per cent of Britons currently suffer from this condition. The disease is simply affecting many people within the workplace.

    Thinking of claiming Raynaud’s Disease compensation? Our claims team are personal injury specialists – with accredited members of the Law Society’s own Personal Injury panel.

    What Is Raynaud’s Disease?

    Raynaud’s Disease [also known as Raynaud’s syndrome, Raynaud’s phenomenon or simply Raynaud’s], is a vascular disorder which can affect blood flow to the  hands, fingers, toes, ears, lips and nose – especially when exposed to temperature changes and stress. The best known sign of Raynaud’s  is that following exposure to the cold, the skin turns initially white – but as a normal colour returns, feet and hands often feel numb and can begin to throb and you may experience pins and needles. Attacks can last from a few minutes to several hours – can sometimes be painful. Approximately 90% of those suffering with the condition are women.

    Raynaud’s Phenomenon is described as being either primary, the commonest form, where there is no apparent cause for it, or secondary,

    The condition can be a by-product of hand arm vibration syndrome,  often referred to as  HAVS .

    HAVS is caused by the repetitive use of vibrating tools including power drills, chainsaws, grinders, disc cutters, hammer and pneumatic drills or any other type of vibrating machine you may use at work.

    Left untreated, the condition can even cause permanent numbness to some fingers which makes intricate tasks like fastening buttons and other small tasks extremely difficult.

    Once you have Raynaud’s Disease, you may develop these symptoms when you are at work or are exposed to temperature changes or stress. Attacks can be very unpredictable. However it is normally a life long condition – though thankfully conditions often don’t get worse as you age. Severity of symptoms varies from person to person.

    Vibration white finger is also a phrase used when exposure to vibration has caused the Raynaud’s Disease – which usually happens to those who regularly use of vibrating tools at work.

    It is important for everyone to have a safe work environment. So if you have any of the symptoms of the condition and believe you may be eligible to claim Raynaud’s Disease Compensation, what should you do?

    Diagnosis of Raynaud’s

    Doctor’s normally diagnose Raynaud’s following a physical examination and based on the patient’s medical history and symptoms. Sometimes blood test may also be required to exclude any other medical conditions that might cause similar symptoms.

    Your GP may also carry out a simplr Water Test – by putting your hands in cold water see if you show Raynaud’s symptoms. GP may also refer you to one or more specialists – including;

    • a Rheumatologist – who handles diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases like Raynaud’s
    • a Dermatologist –  who diagnose and treat skin diseases.

    When a patient is diagnosed with HAVS there is a high probability that they will also suffer from Raynaud’s Disease.

    Patients who have Raynaud’s may experience white or bluish fingers, or bright red fingers as well as pain, numbness or tingling feelings that come and go.

    What If I Have Raynaud’s Disease Because of HAVS?

    This is usually a condition that is caused at work and should first be diagnosed by a doctor, or if your employer provides it, a company doctor.

    You should also notify your employer in writing if you feel you have symptoms of both HAVS and Raynaud’s Disease.

    You can also, if you belong to one, notify your union representative to help you change your work environment.

    Remember, your employer is responsible for keeping your work environment a safe place.

    Raynaud’s DiseaseWhat can I claim for?

    If you can prove that

    1. you suffer from Raynaud’s disease and
    2. that it was caused by your employer’s failure to take proper steps to look after you,

    then you are entitled to claim compensation.

    You can claim not simply for any pain and suffering – but also for any continued medical help you may need, any future rehabilitation costs you may incur, along with compensation for future loss of earnings.

    Where Can I Get Help?

    When claiming Raynaud’s Disease Compensation it is always best to contact a specialist work injury solicitor to claim on your behalf. Our team has that excpertise. So by contacting our solicitors, we can tell you

    • how to claim compensation
    • how strong your claim for compensation is
    • the amount of compensation you could receive and
    • how long your claim is likely to take

    Our solicitors handle Raynaud’s Disease  compensation claims on a no win, no fee basis  – so if we don’t win compensation for you, then you do not have to pay us.

    Our How To Claim Compensation website also offers many articles on work accidents and industrial injuries, and how to get help.

    For more practical advice information about living with Raynaud’s disease, click here to visit the website of  The Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association.

    Thinking of making a compensation claim? Your first steps

    If you have symptoms  that mean you could have the condition, and you think it could have been caused by using machinery at work, the first thing that you need to do is to see whether your GP will diagnose Raynaud’s Disease. Without a medical diagnosis, you simply won’t be able to make a claim.

    Then once you have a positive diagnosis, get in touch with our specialists who can discuss with you how to claim compensation.

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