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    Cauda Equina Syndrome Compensation Claims

    Cauda Equina Syndrome – what is it?

    The cauda equina, the Latin for ‘horse tail’, refers to the bundle of nerves in the spinal canal immediately below the point at which the spinal column terminates – the conus medullaris.  Cauda equine syndrome(CES) occurs when, perhaps due to any one or more causes, including lesions, inflammation, infection (including that caused by medical negligence), a central disc prolapse, burst fractures, acute disc herniation, penetrating or ballistic trauma, spinal anaesthesia catheter induced trauma, a botched lumbar puncture or Metatastic disease, these nerves become compressed.

    CES is considered a critical neurological condition and a medical emergency.  A failure to diagnose and treat the syndrome within forty eight hours of the nerve compression occurring can have catastrophic results for the victim which might result in life-long paralysis or partial paralysis of the legs and acute bowel, bladder and sexual organ impairment.

    Failure to correctly diagnose the syndrome in time to avoid preventable disability to the victim can in some cases be attributable to medical negligence, in which case it might be possible to make a cauda equine syndrome claim.  Our medical negligence, solicitors have substantial experience in dealing with cauda equina syndrome claims and can accurately assess the viability of potential claims and the likely amount of compensation, based on the victim’s account of their treatment and expert medical reports dealing with the handling of the case, the extent of the injury and the prognosis.

    Your Cauda Equina Syndrome Claim- the need for specialist solicitor
    As CES can be medically complex, even for medical and legal professionals, as well as well as extremely traumatic for the victim, it makes solid sense to have an experienced and specialist medical negligence solicitor to get to the grips with these complexities whilst you concentrates on your recovery.  Our medical negligence solicitors all combine a profoundly sympathetic approach with vast professional know-how and an indefatigable resolve to ensure that their clients win the full amount of compensation they deserve.

    Cauda Equina Syndrome – the importance of claiming your compensation

    Any compensation awarded will address the extent of the pain and suffering experienced by the victim and in the case of CES this might be extensive and of an extremely traumatic nature.  Imagine a victim’s distress and anxiety as they have to wait far longer than might be reasonably expected to have their condition diagnosed whilst experiencing the gradual loss of sensation in their buttocks and sexual organs and loss of the use of their legs whilst at the same time coping with the associated onset of bowel and bladder incontinence.  The general damages portion of the compensation will seek to compensate for the financial loss associated with suffering cauda equina syndrome and living with its after effects.

    Even if irreparable nerve damage is mostly avoided, it can take from months to years for nerves to re-grow and any semblance of physical wellbeing to return to the parts of the body affected.  Anybody who has a manual job will find to a greater or lesser extent that they are unable to work, which could be profoundly economically detrimental to them.  The level of disability, either temporary or permanent is entirely the result of how long the nerves remained compressed before CES was eventually diagnosed by symptoms, CT or MRI scan and a surgical intervention untaken to relieve the pressure on the nerves.  Expert compilation and presentation of these facts by an experienced legal professional during negotiation of the claim will ensure that any compensation awarded will be commensurate with both the degree of pain and suffering experienced and the CES related past financial losses and current and future financial needs of the victim.  In a worst case scenario, where paralysis of the lower body, incontinence and loss of sexual function is permanent, a CES claim might end up producing a sum of compensation sufficient for the victim to be able to carry on living with the highest level of quality of life possible in their severely disabled state

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