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    Choosing Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

    You will need to find a good cerebral palsy lawyer if your child has been diagnosed with CP at birth and you feel it is a result of medical negligence.

    How To Claim Compensation provide a free service where you can enter details of your claim into the box at the top of this page and one of our claims experts will send you an email reply within the hour. Our experienced professionals will be able to let you know whether you have a valid claim and the compensation you are likely to receive. This service is confidential and you won’t be under any obligation.

    CP can be caused at birth due to hospital negligence or obstetric or other medical personnel negligence, including midwives.

    Medical negligence falls under the category of “professional negligence,” and if this is what has happened to you, it is crucial that you seek out some good and experienced legal representation.

    First, ask your lawyer upfront if they have experience in handling these types of birth injuries that have resulted from medical malpractice or negligence.

    You should also ask for references as well as their success rate in dealing with cerebral palsy claims.

    A good cerebral palsy lawyer will have had experience in dealing with both the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) and the National Health Service (NHS).

    The CNST is a voluntary organization that members (doctors and other medical professionals) join and are rated based on their levels of competence and claims. Ratings are from grade one to grade three, with three being the highest.

    Your solicitor should be familiar with these organizations, what they do, and how to get answers about your case to see if you are eligible for damages or compensation due to a birth injury.

    Remember, you should not feel like you don’t deserve to seek out help if you feel you have suffered from medical negligence and if you feel a doctor, midwife or hospital is at fault, think of it as a duty to ensure they are aware of what they did inadequately so that it is not repeated.

    There are two conditions you must meet to file a cerebral palsy claim.

    The first is breach of duty or proving that medical negligence was present, or the obstetric doctor, midwife, or other medical personnel were at fault.

    Second, you must have what is called causation. Causation must prove that the fault (cerebral palsy) was actually caused by the medical negligence.

    Good cerebral palsy lawyers will work with medical experts to determine if your case does indeed qualify as medical negligence and if you are entitled to compensation.

    Once this is done, the lawyer will interview and gather the necessary items to file a claim on your behalf.

    In order for you to make a successful compensation claim, the importance of choosing the right cerebral palsy lawyers is important.

    Good cerebral palsy lawyers will often take your case on a no-win, no-fee case. This simply means that if they don’t win compensation on your behalf, you are not required to pay them or their firm.

    They will also understand the situation you are in—especially that you are dealing with an emotional issue and will take your case in a strong fashion so that you don’t have to worry or feel unsure about anything.

    They will understand that if you choose to hire them, you may or may not be at all times strong enough to go it alone, and you’ll need them to offer a total commitment to represent you in your cerebral palsy claim.

    Unfortunately, almost five percent of all babies born will suffer from CP, some due to medical negligence. If you find this is your case, take the time to speak to some cerebral palsy lawyers to ensure you receive the compensation you and your family are due.

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