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    How to Claim Compensation for Pleural Plaques

    Pleural Plaques – what causes them? The formation of pleural plaques is considered by the medical profession to be primarily the result of workplace exposure to asbestos.  Now, that sounds pretty scary; after all exposure to asbestos is usually associated with much nastier conditions such as mesothelioma and asbestosis.  However, unless a person has developed… View Article

    Failing Care for Elderly Patients on Discharge

    Senior doctors have warned that thousands of elderly patients are discharged from hospital without proper arrangements having been made for the ongoing care they will need at home. A survey of over 200 leading UK surgeons found that only 25% of them thought that there were adequate systems to ensure proper home support for vulnerable… View Article

    The 5 most damaging and severe scandals in the history of the NHS

    Tainted blood scandal In the 1970s and 1980s, contaminated blood was given to tens of thousands of individuals during blood transfusion operations, leading to serious diseases, thousands of infections, and deaths. Lord Robert Winston went on to depict the scandal as “the worst treatment disaster in the history of the National Health Service”. The Contaminated… View Article

    Morecambe Bay Hospital Trust – 50 Maternity Deaths to Be Investigated

    Deaths of over 50 mothers and babies are to be investigated in an independent enquiry. Government ordered the investigation into practices at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust after allegations that regulators had tried to cover up what was going on in the hospitals. Calls for the investigation come hot on the heels of… View Article

    Scarring Compensation Claims

    Scarring can change your very appearance and undermine your self-confidence and ability to function in an expansive and fulfilling way. It makes you feel that the scarring has, at a stroke, reduced your chances to succeed in life or achieve any lasting happiness especially if it is on your face or other parts of the… View Article

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