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    Scarring Compensation Claims

    Published on: 24/10/2014

    Scarring can change your very appearance and undermine your self-confidence and ability to function in an expansive and fulfilling way. It makes you feel that the scarring has, at a stroke, reduced your chances to succeed in life or achieve any lasting happiness especially if it is on your face or other parts of the body customarily left exposed due to climate or cultural considerations. . Scarring can cause you considerable and long lasting discomfort and even pain. It can prove to be a vulnerable site for infection. It can, by affecting neighbouring tissue, over tighten skin and cause partial immobility of your face or other parts of your body. That latter situation together with instances of hypertrophic (raised and reddened) scarring or keloid scarring, a more acute version of hypertrophic scarring, might require additional surgery to ameliorate or remove it. Scarring can change your life in many undesirable ways and it is usually even harder to cope with psychologically if the accident that caused it wasn’t even your fault.

    It might be that the scarring injury was the result of an accident in the workplace which occurred as a result of an employer failing in his duty of care for an employee’s health and safety; for instance failing to provide personal protective equipment to prevent long term industrial dermatitis which often gives rises to permanent scarring. It might have been as a result of a road accident, due to a slip, trip or fall in a public place or even as a result of extensive exposure to extremes of hot or cold environments or from the effects of a fire. Medical negligence or incompetence can also result in scarring. However and wherever it was caused, if the accident that caused the injury that led to scarring was the fault, by negligence, wilful intent or legal omission by a third party, it might be possible to make a claim for scarring compensation.

    Our highly experienced team of personal injury solicitors will be able to advise a would-be claimant as to whether their claim would be viable and also of its likely value based on the extent of the scarring and the physical and psychological effects on the victim. They would also ensure that the medical reports pertaining to the extent of the injury, including any psychiatric injuries or psychological impact and the prognosis were sourced from the most knowledgeable, respected and influential medical professionals possible. These reports would be essential for negotiating the fairest compensation.

    Although a claim for scarring compensation could be brought without the involvement of a legal professional, that absence of such a specialist solicitor might severely compromise the chances for a success conclusion, especially if the claim were defended with the aid of such expertise. The facts might speak for themselves, but effectively communicating them will lie at the heart of a successful claim for scarring compensation.

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