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    NHS Compensation Claims


    The National Health Service is a publicly funded organisation providing a comprehensive range of health services, most of which are free.

    However, sometimes mistakes happen and so NHS compensation claims do get made.

    Here at solicitors Bonallack and Bishop [who run this How To Claim Compensation website], our compensation claim experts are highly experienced in dealing with NHS negligence claims. All you need to do is to send us your question into the box above and we will reply within an hour to let you know whether you have a valid claim and how much compensation you can expect to achieve. This service is completely confidential.

    You will need a specialist medical negligence solicitor to fight your case – who will make sure your claim is framed as strongly as possible in a bid to win the case and gain you the maximum amount of compensation possible.


    A medical negligence (sometimes called clinical negligence) claim can result wherever a patient has suffered an injury, disease, or financial loss as a result of treatment from a medical professional – a hospital doctor, GP or nurse for example.


    Making a medical negligence compensation claim against the NHS involves a particularly complex area of law. You are, after all, going to have to prove that the doctor who treated you made a mistake – and that mistake was the kind that are normally competent doctor simply wouldn’t make. The same applies to nurses and other NHS medical professionals including GPs and physiotherapists.

    Proving your case means that your solicitor is going to need to really understand what haven’t you. That’s going to involve having a good look at any x-rays were taken and understanding them, thoroughly going through any medical report about your condition and carefully examining both your GP and hospital records, most of which are still handwritten.

    With the recent decline in the number of personal injury claims, many solicitors have started taking on more medical negligence compensation claims against the NHS – but most of them simply aren’t medical negligence specialists.

    A search on the internet will result in literally dozens of firms, all claiming to be experts in this highly specialised field. So how do you go about choosing a solicitor who you can trust to do the job for you properly, and to give you honest advice on the likely outcome of your case?

    You need a genuine specialist and looking at their accreditations is the best place to start.

    But don’t just take our word that it’s really important to get a specialist – here is an excerpt from the AvMA website – run by Action against Medical Accidents, the independent campaigning charity for UK patient justice.

    “Beware of solicitors who imply that they are specialists without accreditation by AvMA or the Law Society, and do not be confused by the term ‘personal injury’ lawyer. Clinical Negligence is a highly specialist field of its own.”

    NHS COMPENSATION CLAIMS  – WHAT ACCREDITATIONS EXIST FOR MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE SOLICITORS?NHS Compensation Claims. Logo of Law Society Clinical Negligence Solicitors Panel NHS Compensation Claims. Logo of AvMA Medical Negligence Solicitors Panel

    SPECIALIST PANELS  Experienced medical negligence solicitors can be members of two panels – one overseen by the Law Society[ the organisation representing all solicitors throughout England and Wales]. and the other by AvMA [ Action Against Medical Accidents, a long established UK charity campaigning for patient safety and justice]. These two panels are mentioned in the quote from the AvMA website above.

    [NB clinical negligence is merely another term for medical negligence.]

    Getting on either of these panels is really tough. These panels only admit the most specialist solicitors. In fact, out of well over 120,000 solicitors nationwide, only 180 or so are members of both panels. The head of our medical negligence team is one of those.

    Having brought hundreds of medical negligence claims of the years, we have the experience you need.

    And rest assured if you instruct us, you won’t get palmed off with a call centre operative who without qualifications. You’ll be represented by an individual solicitor specialising in medical negligence claims.

    Call our Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 or complete one of the online enquiry forms at the top or bottom of the page and we will call you back at a time convenient for you


    Making a claim for compensation from the NHS is never easy. Proving that the medical error, whether it was a missed or delayed diagnosis or a mistake in treating you was made by your GP or by hospital staff, can be difficult.

    However our specialist team can help you with the compensation you deserve. Our team will provide you with;

    • FREE initial telephone advice
    • A FREE first appointment – when one of our team can look at your claim in a little more detail and let you have an initial idea of your chances of winning compensation
    • A NO WIN NO FEE agreement to fund your claim
    • A FREE hospital or home visit, if you are not well enough to travel
    • Keep you up-to-date with the progress of your claim – using face-to-face meetings, phone, email or video calls using Skype or FaceTime – it’s your choice


    Medical negligence when it occurs within the NHS is a very serious matter.  It  can really make the victims condition much worse or even shorten their life.

    Compensation in such cases will not only be recompense for the added pain, suffering and deterioration in quality of life, but also for loss of income and future provision for the patient’s wellbeing.

    When making a negligence claim against the NHS,  you will need to get hold of  an independent report from a medical expert on how the treatment you received has worsened your condition and affected your life. The claim for compensation will include the cost of examination and report. This medical report will also provide valuable evidence in support of the claim. Our team will arrange this medical report for you.


    Over 95% of our medical negligence claims involving the National Health Service are run under a no win no fee agreement – this means there is no financial risk to you. Without a legal bill to worry about, you can concentrate on your recovery.


    Our team cover the full range of negligence compensation claims. Amongst the more common claims we deal with are the following;

    • Accident and Emergency negligence
    • Birth injury compensation
    • Cancer misdiagnosis claims
    • Cerebral and Erbs Palsy
    • GP mistakes
    • Failed sterilisation or vasectomies
    • Fatal injury claims and inquests
    • Maternity or pregnancy injury claims
    • Medication or prescription errors
    • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
    • Orthopaedic Injuries
    • Physiotherapy negligence claims
    • Pressure sore claims
    • Surgical errors


    According to a recent study, a staggering 13% of deaths in NHS hospitals each year are avoidable which works out at close to 12,000 dead each and every year. And those figures just refer to the people who actually died unnecessarily in NHS care.

    The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine included 10 NHS hospitals in the study, looking at the specifics of each fatality including medical records, the treatment received and the cause. It found that medical professionals were making catastrophic errors particularly in terms of delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis which were causing patients to die unnecessarily.

    Other sources of help and support following NHS negligence

    You can also get advice from the PALS [The Patient Advice and Liaison Service] at your local hospital.

    At this stage, if you’re simply interested in making a complaint rather than claiming compensation, you can get help from the NHS own Information Complaints Advocacy service.


    Please be aware that time limitation periods apply to all medical negligence claims.  So don’t delay taking specialist legal advice about your NHS compensation claim, or you risk losing your right to claim compensation entirely.

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