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    Motorbike Injury Compensation Claims

    Having an accident while riding a motorbike can be very traumatic, and even more so if you suffer an injury through an event which was not your fault. If this happens, then you might be able to make a claim for compensation. Get in touch right away with our team of specialist injury claims solicitors to found out about how you can make a claim for compensation.

    Why make a claim for motorcycle injury compensation?

    There are lots of ways in which accidents happen and the motorcyclist is not at fault. Some of the most common reasons for putting in a claim for compensation include:

    ·         There was an obstruction such as a fallen branch in the road which caused the bike to crash.

    ·         A car driver behaved in a way which was illegal or inappropriate and caused the crash.

    ·         There were potholes or a very uneven surface on the road which led to a loss of control over the bike.

    ·         Something had been spilled on the road surface which caused the biker to skid and crash.

    Motorbike Accident Statistics

    A total of 21,550 bikers were hurt on Britain’s roads in 2008-09, with just over 6,000 of them suffering extremely serious or fatal injuries. By 2010-11 the situation had improved a little, and the number of motorcycle deaths on the roads had fallen to just over 400. The statistics make for worrying reading. Only 1% of road users are on a motorbike, but they make up 20% of all road deaths. The high-powered “superbikes” are only 10% of all bikes on the road, but for 25% of road deaths. Take from the statistics what you will, but there is no getting away from the simple fact that if you go out on the roads on a motorbike you are more likely to be injured than people using other ways of getting around.

    British roads can be a dangerous place, even for bikers with many years of experience under their belts. All seasoned bikers have come across the “Sorry mate I didn’t see you” or SMIDSY phenomenon, which is most frequently found when cars or other vehicles turn into the biker’s path, move into the lane where they are riding or just forget to look out for the possibility of a motorbike when they are making basic manoeuvres. As well as SMIDSY, bikers have to look out for other hazards such as spillages on the road and badly-maintained road surfaces.

    Choose the right solicitor for your claim

    A biker who has found him or herself in the unfortunate position of becoming a road accident statistic because they were in an accident on their bike which was not their fault may be eligible to make a claim for compensation to cover any damage to their bike, loss of earnings and any injury they have suffered. Our team includes a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury solicitor who is not only a keen biker himself but is also a qualified nurse – and has worked on many Motorbike Injury Compensation Claims before. Involving them can help the biker get to grips with their rights, understand whether they have grounds for a claim and can ensure that the claims process is carried out as fairly and efficiently as possible.

    The Compensation Claims Process

    Detailed and accurate information about exactly what happened forms the foundation stone of any successful claim for compensation. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, assuming that you have not been too badly injured you should try to make a record of what happened by taking notes or photos. Make sure that the Police are called to attend the accident, and make sure to tell the officers how the accident happened. Get the personal and insurance details of any other driver or drivers involved, and take contact details for any witnesses who saw the accident. All of this sort of information will help your solicitor start the claims process right away. Later on, a detailed expert medical report giving information about the injuries sustained and the prognosis can be added to the evidence and will affect the level of compensation which is awarded.

    Biking on Britain’s roads means making dozens of decisions a second to keep you safe and avoid the SMIDSYs. Often bikers don’t have time to consider what would happen if they were involved in an accident which was not their fault, and it’s important to have the legal experts on your side to support you through this difficult time and help you get the compensation which you deserve.

    Motorbike Injury Compensation Claims and your solicitor 

    Finding an solicitor specialising in personal injury names is absolutely as the first step in your compensation journey. After establishing that there are indeed grounds for making a claim, the solicitor will then start pulling together all of the supporting evidence such as medical reports about injury, Police accident reports, statements from the witnesses and any photographs, video or diagrams. If the person involved in the accident has either been seriously injured or killed, their family can make the claim and deal with the solicitor.

    It is very important to get a solicitor who really knows what they are doing for a successful motorbike injury claim. Motorcyclists are affected by different issues on the road compared with drivers, and your solicitor has to be aware of issues such as uneven surfaces affecting the way your bike handles.

    Time Limits for making a Motorbike Claim 

    Claims for injury after a motorbike accident have to be made within three years of the date of the accident. The one exception to this is if you have suffered an injury such as a fractured bone which is not picked up until a later date. If this happens, the three years starts from the date of diagnosis.

    The best advice is to start the process sooner rather than later, as this leaves plenty of time for all parties to investigate the case thoroughly.

    Compensation for Motorbike Claims 

    When the claim is successful, the compensation will be calculated based on expenses which have been incurred as a result of the accident such as prescription charges or physiotherapy costs as well as a sum of damages for pain and suffering. The compensation awarded also takes into account loss of earnings since the date of the accident, and any effect on future earnings potential because of ongoing injuries.

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