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    MRSA Compensation Claims

    Having to make MRSA compensation claims is an emotive subject because MRSA is such a devastating and unexpected condition for anyone to suffer from.

    People going into hospital to be cured or receive treatment for a particular condition do not expect to contract another illness which is potentially fatal.

    Any patient in hospital, whose resistance is weak, may be at risk of being infected by the MRSA virus if certain standards are not in place. Examples may include, bad hygiene provision or poor standard of care on the wards. Both of which are classed as medical negligence on the part of the hospital.

    Anyone claiming compensation must not be responsible for the incident. Also those responsible must be identified. Anyone contracting MRSA is not likely to be responsible, especially as they were receiving treatment or recuperating at the time.

    Authorities running the hospital are responsible for the standard of hygiene and/or poor standard of care allowed the MRSA to spread, so they are liable.

    Compensation claims regarding hospital patients contracting MRSA, remain very difficult to win. The main problem is actually proving that a hospital’s standard of care and hygiene regime failed to meet requirements set out in the standards or care.

    In order to prove that the hospital’s lack of standards led to the spread of the MRSA virus, a compensation solicitor should be used in dealing with such cases.

    How To Claim Compensation can help you to find solicitors experienced in dealing with MRSA and other medical negligence claims. Our online service allows you to ask our claims experts you questions and get a personal response within an hour. This service is provided free, is confidential and you are under no obligation to pursue your case if you decide not to.

    The cost of legal representation in MRSA compensation claims cases is high, but this should not deter claims.

    The claimant may be eligible for legal aid, or may be able to proceed with their claim on a no win no fee basis whereby no fees will be claimed if the claim fails.

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