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    Making a Whiplash Compensation Claim – Should I see a Physiotherapist?

    Published on: 18/11/2012

    Whiplash injuries, most commonly sustained in vehicle accidents, can cause significant pain in your neck, shoulders and back. Sudden jolts or movements caused by such accidents cause stretching and straining of the soft tissue in the neck, often leading to tenderness, swelling, stiffness and muscle spasms.

    For minor whiplash injuries, a course of painkillers will often see the injured through to a full a recovery. However, for more serious cases, painkillers can prove ineffective in dealing with whiplash and physiotherapy treatment is the most common method for confronting these cases. Therefore, if the symptoms are persistent and painkillers are not a long term option, your GP is likely to recommend that you visit a physiotherapist.

    When you make a whiplash compensation claim, you may find that physiotherapy is not immediately recommended. You will be required as part of your claim to be assessed by an independent medical expert who will compile a report taking into consideration your injuries, the impact of said injuries on your everyday life and your timetable for recovery. Within the report, recommendations on any courses of treatment will be detailed and if physiotherapy is suggested, then the relevant appointments should be made.

    Some clients may refuse to go ahead with the treatment recommended by the medical expert which they are obviously entitled to do. However, it should be noted that ignoring such advice could potentially prejudice your claim for compensation, as it will be held that you did not take all necessary steps to aid your own recovery and keep your losses to a minimum. Indeed, you are likely to suffer longer without the treatment, so we always encourage you to proceed with any recommended treatment.

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