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    Tendon Injury Compensation Claims

    Published on: 23/05/2014

    Tendon injuries encompass a spectrum of tissue damage increasing in seriousness from what are medically termed ‘tendinopathies’ encompassing inflammations and micro tears which, even at this less serious end of the tendon injuries spectrum are painful and inconvenient and will usually take a few of months to heal, all the way through major tears and ruptures that will entail a high degree of incapacitation and perhaps require surgical intervention.

    Tendons are tough – it takes a lot to damage them, constituted as they are from robust, inelastic but flexible fibrous collagen connective tissues whose function is to connect muscle tissue to bone and provide a method of transmitting force and acting as ‘springs’. The main types of injury to tendons are caused by overuse which usually results in inflammation, tissue degeneration and weakening, and direct trauma inflicted which can rupture and tear the tendons and can be the result of accidents of all kinds; from road traffic accidents and incidents in contact sports to everyday slips, trips and falls. Injuries that break the skin or damage muscles and bones can collaterally affect the functioning of tendons and if the tendon damage is severe enough the ability to move limbs could be lost. Even a straight forward incidence of tendonitis can be sufficient to impair movement in the heel, shoulder, elbow or hand and render physical work impossible.

    Tendon Injury – is a Compensation Claim available?

    If the accident that caused a person to suffer a tendon injury was the fault, by negligence, deliberate act or legal omission, of a third party, then it might be possible and very worth while to pursue a tendon injury compensation claim. This is because the road to recovery after such an injury can be a very long one, with pain and discomfort as unwelcome companions and it is the right of someone injured through no fault of their own to seek to be compensated for their pain and suffering and financial loss resulting from their injury and its aftermath.

    Our personal injury legal team have a vast amount of experience in handling tendon injury claims and will ensure that a comprehensive medical report, to include relevant content from the claimant’s general practitioner and hospital is commissioned from a medical specialist, detailing symptoms, treatment and prognosis which will include whether temporary or permanent disability will result from the injury. Using this information and additional evidence relating to the circumstances of the accident the claimant’s solicitor will establish liability and be able to assess the value of the claim based on the extent of injuries and prognosis for the client and the financial loss involved.

    Above and beyond the physical rest, ice-packs, and anti-inflammatory painkillers that a doctor might recommend for simple tendon inflammations and micro tears, there lies the possibility, if those healing tools have no effect on the injury or the injury of is of a more serious nature, that the victim will have to undergo physiotherapy, steroid injections, shock wave therapy, autologous blood injections or even surgery. After the surgery the long term prognosis might well include further surgery to alleviate the adverse affects of scar tissue caused by the original operation. A tendon injury can therefore cause not only acute pain but potentially a lengthy period when life cannot be lived as normal, employment might not be able to be undertaken and the victim and his or her family and friends have to cope with unanticipated inconvenience and financial cost. It also makes the argument for making a tendon injury claim practically unassailable.

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