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    Knee Injury Compensation Claims

    Published on: 01/06/2014

    The knee is a vulnerable part of our anatomy. We usually begin injuring it in infancy, just after we’ve learnt to walk, just small bumps and bruises at that stage, but then we go off to school and our knees are introduced to the hard surface of the playground, suffering as a result the usual knocks, skinnings and culminating in that badge of childhood adventurousness the scabby knee.

    Then we become all grown up, co-ordinated and perhaps cool and the scabby knee fades into painless memory. Unfortunately the injuries that befall the adult knee are usually more series than childhood cuts and bruises; which isn’t to say that some children escape more severe knee injuries – unfortunately they don’t. If an injury was the result of an accident that wasn’t the fault of the victim it may, with the help of one of our experienced compensation claim solicitors, be possible to find out was responsible and with reference to the medical evidence to support the severity of the injury and the law that surrounds knee injuries, assess whether or not a claim for knee injury compensation would be viable.

    Your entitlement to compensation

    The victim of a knee injury might be entitled to a compensation award which divides into that portion awarded for the ‘pain and suffering’ he or she experienced and might still be experiencing and the portion that compensates for the financial loss and expenses the victim has had to endure. This may be due to loss of earnings, the costs associated with the treatment of the injury and any necessary rehabilitation and having to buy in assistance or modify the house or a motor vehicle if common daily tasks such as bending at the knee, kneeling, lifting object, walking or driving are impossible to perform due to the injury. Yes, knee injuries can be both extremely painful and disabling, both in the short and long term.

    Common knee injury claims

    The knee is a complex joint composed of three cartilages, one major tendon, four ligaments and the knee cap itself. Any or all of those components parts can experience injury as a result of impact, forced movement of the joint outside its limits of flexibility, puncturing or crushing. The most common scenarios for suffering such injuries include trips, slips and falls in the work place or elsewhere, car accidents and sports accidents. The results of those injuries can be unbelievably painful and traumatic and includes sprains and strains, which might respond to the traditional treatment of rest, ice, compression and elevation, torn ligaments and/or torn or damaged cartilage which might need additional therapy and fractures and injuries so extensive that in order to save some mobility, the knee joint has to undergo complicated surgery and its owner experience the frustration of a lengthy period of rehabilitation.

    A knee injury can cause untold disruption to a victim’s life whilst it is healing and if it doesn’t fully heal or if it triggers some pre-existing weakness it might also lead to a life long disability. If the victim of the injury wasn’t to blame for the accident that caused it, as might be the case in a sports, car or workplace accident, the very least the victim could do in an attempt to make good their financial loss and acute physical discomfort is hire one of our specialist compensation claim solicitors to investigate on their behalf whether a knee injury claim would be arguable. Your knees help support you and when they no longer can due to injury, a compensation award might be able to take some of the strain.

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