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    Can I Claim Burn Injury Compensation

    Published on: 03/03/2014

    ‘Burn’ and ‘accident’ are two words that unhappily occur together more often than anybody would wish.  Suffering a burn, even a superficial one, is a genuinely unpleasant experience and it will usually only occur by accident.  The trauma associated with suffering 3rd Degree, or what nowadays are more commonly referred to as ‘full thickness’ burns is extensive and long-lasting, bringing immediate agony and perhaps a threat to life and if medical ministrations permit survival, a long and uncomfortable road back to as full a recovery as is possible via the staging-posts of extensive remedial surgery, physiotherapy and counselling.

    Was the accident that caused your burn injury someone else’s fault?  If it was due to a third party’s negligence or an accident at work caused by a failing in any aspect of their duty of care or legal obligations you might be able to make a claim for burn injury compensation.  Our experienced personal injury solicitors specialise in burn injury compensation and will be able to advise you as to whether you have a viable claim, then assess its value and prepare and negotiate it in a way guaranteed to generate the best possible outcome for you.

    The scope for suffering burns in everyday life is much greater than most people imagine and includes burning yourself on poorly shielded machinery or frozen items (yes, intense cold can cause burns as well), having hot food or beverages spilt over you by serving staff in an eatery or suffering an electrical burn from poorly maintained electrical equipment (electrical burns are innocuous enough looking on the skin surface but can inflict serious internal injuries).  In addition there are the more obvious examples of potential sources of burn injuries such as out of control fires, fireworks and car accidents.  You can suffer burns in the workplace, at home, in shops and offices and in public places – the location for your accident is not a limiting factor in making a claim for compensation.

    In presenting a burn injury compensation one of our personal injury solicitors will obtain and make full use of the information contained in medical reports about the injury, including the prognosis.  The amount of any compensation awarded will thus be able to accurately reflect the extent of your pain and suffering, which could be extensive in the case of 3rd degree burns where, as well as losing the skin, the burning could have affected other tissues, blood vessels and organs; in severe cases of full thickness burns, amputation is sometimes the only course of action available.  The compensation will also take into account your lost earnings to date and after calculation using actuarial tables, the projected loss of future earnings, plus the likely outgoings arising directly from the injury and its treatment.

    In short, whilst all innocent accident victims are rightly entitled to compensation, those left in lifelong pain with unavoidable disfigurement due to burn injuries might be more entitled than most.

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