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    Making a Broken Arm Compensation Claim

    Published on: 05/08/2014

    Day to day living and personal independence can be terribly affected by losing the use of an arm due to an accident that caused a fracture or multiple fractures. The limb might have been rendered partially or completely immobile due the effects of such a fracture. It might be impossible to bend it at the elbow due to an encasing plaster cast or the injury might render any rotational movement at the shoulder or wrist completely unattainable whilst healing. Whatever the degree of injury, when a person has always been accustomed to the use of both arms all their life, the temporary loss of the use of one can have devastating effects on their existence and if the accident which caused their injury was not their fault and a third party can be held responsible legally, by wilful act or by negligence then a claim for broken arm compensation might be possible.

    Our legal team specialise in compensation claims involving broken arms and will be happy to advise you on the viability and potential value of any claim you are considering making. When you have suffered a life event as disabling as a broken arm, with all its associated physical as well as psychological distress, fair compensation is the minimum recompense that might be expected.

    The affect of a broken arm

    A fracture to the upper or lower arm will usually exclude the sufferer from effectively earning their living. This applies to both those whose occupations require mainly manual activity and to those who sit behind a desk (it takes much longer to type something if you are restricted to being able to get only one hand to the keyboard). A person with a fractured arm might have to learn new motor skills if they lose the ability to use their dominant arm and hand. All this takes its toll and if the ability to earn a living is lost, then economical hardship can be a real possibility.

    In circumstances in which the fracture is of a complex nature such as with a comminuted fracture where the bone is crushed or shattered, a complicated fracture which damages surrounding nerves and blood vessels or an impacted or open fracture which are difficult to set and take longer to heal, the after effects can have life-long consequences with perhaps full mobility and use never returning to the limb. The relative seriousness of the injury will be taken into account in assessing broken arm compensation, as will be the economic effects. The former is addressed in the Special Damages part of the compensation award, the amount of which will seek to reflect the pain and suffering experienced, the latter under General Damages which in addition to taking into account calculated lost earnings past and future will also address other expenditure associated with affects of the injury such as the cost of travel to medical appointments and items to ease day to day living.

    I’ve broken my arm – can I claim compensation?

    It is possible to claim broken arm compensation in a great many circumstances, far more than many people generally realise. From slips, trips and falls in an extensive variety of environments, to faulty goods, sports activity and accidents at work  – however the arm was fractured, if the accident was not your fault and somebody else was to blame, a claim for compensation might be possible.

    In order to ensure that our specialist personal injury solicitors can help the victim of an accident that resulted in a broken arm, the victim is always encouraged to record the details of the accident as shortly after it happened as possible and seek prompt medical care. This care might, depending on the severity of the injury, turn out to be complex and of long duration. Once a person engages the services of one of experienced legal team, that solicitor will ensure that the most necessary and effective documentation, including reports from medical experts, is assembled to support your claim. Bearing in mind that claims for bone fractures are often determinedly contested, having professional expertise at the claimant’s disposal will usually mean the difference between being awarded all the compensation to they are fairly entitled – or not being. It’s a common sense thing.

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