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The Errors To Avoid When Claiming Without a UK Compensation Solicitor

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Although handling your own accident claim may seem like an easy way to save money, you could lose out in the long run. Below we list 4 basic errors that cost people dearly when acting without an experienced UK compensation solicitor.

1. Asking for Too Little

One of the most important things in making an accident claim is knowing exactly what you are entitled to. UK Courts routinely make awards for broadly two types of compensation – special damages and general damages. These include things as wide-ranging as damages for pain and suffering, or travel expenses. If you don’t know what you can make a compensation claim for – you won’t be able to judge a fair offer of settlement from the insurance company.

2. Accepting an Offer Before Fully Understanding the Nature of the Injuries

Handling an accident claim is time consuming, so if you handle your own you are likely to look for a swift conclusion. However, by doing so, you will fail to get the maximum value from your compensation claim. In order to get the appropriate compensation from an insurance company, you will need the right evidence, including, at the very very least, doctors’ notes, bills for medical treatment, and a report from an impartial clinical expert detailing the nature of your injuries. Without such evidence you are unlikely to receive sufficient compensation. Indeed, unless the full extent of your injuries is known, our solicitors will point-blankly refuse to settle a claim. Why, because agreeing an accident claim settlement without knowing the full implications of your injuries, could result in you getting far, far less by way of compensation than you deserve. In fact, if any solicitor does settle such a claim early, they’re putting themselves at grave risk of being on the receiving end of a professional negligence claim.

3. Believing that the Insurance Company won’t Offer More

When you are told by an insurance company that they’ve made their final offer you face a difficult situation if handling your own accident claim. Either you take an offer which is probably far below what you deserve, or you make an empty threat to sue the company, knowing that you do not have the means to do so. Our lawyers understand that the insurance company’s final offer is in fact very rarely “final” at all. We have the clout to threaten court action and as a result we generally hear a few higher offers before we reach the right result.

4. Trusting that the Insurance Company Wants to be Reasonable

Insurance professionals are predominantly good people working to make ends meet. However, they are told to pay you as little as possible, not to give you a fair amount. Good business for an insurance company is paying you less than you deserve so you need lawyers on your side who know how to get a fair deal.

If you have grounds for a UK compensation claim, you would be daft to run it yourself – why bother when your solicitors’ costs can be covered under a no win no fee agreement .

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