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Facial injury compensation

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A lot of about how we think of ourselves is directly connected to the physical image we project for others and how that reflection we see looking back at us from out of a mirror influences our sense of self. Nowhere in the human body is that self; that true us, represented more fully than in our face. Our friends don’t recognise on account of our girth or fact we have long legs or uneven shoulders, they recognise us by our face; that is the part of our anatomy that registers in the memory of family, friends and lovers. Strong emotions and many other subtle or subliminal thoughts, feelings and intentions are communicated primarily by way of facial expression.

Facial injury – the scars aren’t just physical

If you have an accident that results in a facial injury sufficiently severe to cause you to lose the ability to express yourself through your face, that disfigures you to such an extent that friends and family can no longer fully recognise you, the trauma will go far deeper than the pinned bones, facial prosthetics and scarring, it will go right to the essence of who you think you are. The psychological trauma will be immense. Apart from having a devastating effect on existing personal and business relationships and the forming of new ones, disfigurement as a result of a facial injury can also encompass the partial or entire loss of senses such sight and smell, which will erect still further barriers to resuming life as it had been pre-injury.

My Facial Injury – can I claim compensation?

What then, if the accident that led to a life changing facial injury wasn’t the fault of the victim, but due to the negligence, wilful intent or legal omission of a third party? It might have come about as the result of a road traffic accident, an accident at work, a dog attack, a fall from height, a simple trip, slip or fall or from participation in sport. It might have resulted in anything from burns, ballistic injuries or sharp or blunt object trauma to light bruising and cosmetic dental damage. Whatever the injury outcome, knowing that they weren’t to blame would probably only increase victims’ anguish. However, in such circumstances it might be possible to make a claim for facial injury compensation – compensation that, whilst it might not alleviate the emotional trauma, would recognise the pain and suffering of the victim and address any economic disadvantage that had been experienced and was likely to be experienced as a direct result of the accident and the extent of injuries suffered, including the cost of ‘scar revision’ plastic surgery.

Your compensation claim – our team can help

Our specialist personal injury legal team i.e. to assist you with your facial injury compensation claim – we can ensure that all the necessary reports and documentation are obtained to provide a comprehensive record of the extent of your injuries and the prognosis. Our team are well aware that the value of a facial injury compensation claim is linked entirely to the extent of the injury and would ensure that at the heart of the claim were the medical reports from an experienced plastic surgeon and/or maxillofacial surgeon detailing the severity of the injuries, the extent of reconstructive and plastic surgery that would be required and to what extent that treatment would be able to return the victims face to it pre-injury appearance, minimising permanent disfigurement and the prominence of hypertrophic (raised scar tissue) scarring.

With the genuine sympathy our solicitors bring to their compensation claim work and their ability to draw on a bottomless bag of people skills, their presence at a time of great distress could help you face a future that you hadn’t planned.

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