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Claiming Compensation for Multiple Fracture Accidents

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The pain associated with breaking one bone in one place can be excruciating. Imagine then the agony associated with suffering a multiple fracture as a result of an accident that wasn’t even your fault. Even the definition of a multiple fracture as being a fracture break that extends several fracture lines in one bone or the fracture of several bones at one time or from the same injury, can induce an involuntary wince. It sounds extraordinarily painful and it is. Such injuries can, if the initial injury and its aftermath weren’t enough to cope with, give rise to arthritis or other joint disorders.

Depending on the location and severity of the fractures, your life will be disrupted to lesser or greater extent. At best, part of your body will be immobilised for a few weeks in such a way as to affect your overall mobility or ability to perform everyday tasks such as dressing yourself or driving. This could affect your ability to perform your job or carry out services for your dependants such as DIY or something as taken for granted as shopping and cooking. If you are unable to perform your job, you will have to take time off work, which, especially if you are self- employed, could dramatically affect your income. At the other end of the severity scale your fractures could be immediately life threatening and even after the most effective and on-going medical treatment available, result in severe life-long disability. The effects of such appallingly severe injuries make the inconveniences noted above for more ‘minor’ multiple fractures seem like a stroll in the park – and to top it all your multiple fracture accident wasn’t your fault.

Multiple Fracture Accidents – Entitled to claim compensation?

If you have been the victim of an accident that could be shown to have been the fault, by negligence or deliberate act, of a third party, and which resulted in you suffering multiple fractures you might be able to make a multiple fracture accident compensation claim. Our team of personal injury solicitors have a considerable breadth of experience in multiple fracture accident claims and will be able to advise you on the viability and value of your claim, referring to case law applicable to the circumstances of your accident, the extent of the your injuries and the financial effect they have had and will have on you. This will all determine an amount of compensation that can be negotiated. Thus, retaining a specialist accident claim solicitor will give you the best possible chance of obtaining the maximum amount of injury compensation to which you might be entitled and from a practical point of view, lift the huge burden of having to deal with the unfamiliar process of pursuing a personal injury claim at a time when recovering from your injuries and coping with their life changing consequences are at the top of your priority list.

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